The Black Policy Institute’s Future Global Leadership Programme

London, United Kingdom 26th October 2020– In July,  a transatlantic cohort of young adults were selected to take part in The Black Policy Institute’s Future Global Leadership Programme. The young adults were the first official cohort of the Global Leadership Programme, The Black Policy Institute has undertaken.


The leadership programme spanned over two weekends in July, with intellectually stimulating talks which encouraged critical thinking. The intention of the leadership programme  was to instill critical thinking and develop our thought leadership capacity, in order to equip the cohort with the skills required for personal and professional development. The ultimate aim of the cohort is to devise solutions to social inequities in the UK and the USA. The programme was curated with the purpose of providing various historical, political, economic, and social perspectives about the inequities of our national and international communities. The calibre of speakers was exceptional as their insights from both the UK and USA informed our opinions. Their areas of expertise also enhanced our conceptions and understanding of complex topics which intersect.


The transatlantic cohort has grown immensely from this experience. The Programme has not only enabled us to meet like minded individuals across the UK and USA but to also understand the nuances in experiences of being young black people in our countries. Additionally, the programme has equipped us with the tools to be thought leaders from a theoretical and practical perspective, as well as to apply our knowledge by taking roles on the Young People’s Advisory Board of The Black Policy Institute. 


Our roles on the Young People’s Advisory Board will be a space for us to devise, strategise, and implement solutions to problems that impact Black communities in the UK and USA. Our intention is to restore agency to our communities and most importantly creating solutions for a more equitable society.