About Us

Professional Perspectives

We represent a diverse range of professional perspectives that help deepen our understanding of race and racial equity.

The core leadership of The Black Policy Institute comprises twelve senior leaders – across a range of industries, including management consultants, councillors, and community activists.

We take a holistic, systemic approach to building better communities for a better society.

The core executive team have successfully:

  • led race equality organisations and departments, across all sectors, including
  • devised race equality strategies and programmes
  •  led broader local government equity strategy
  • delivered training in the House of Commons
  • provided management consultancy services to a plethora of public, private and third sector agencies
  • successfully led professional networks within corporate finance, other regulatory agencies – e.g. OFGEM, The Law Society.

Key concepts

Black – Equality – Intersectionalities


The term ‘Black’ denotes  the lived experience of people with African and Caribbean heritage. Within this term exists diversity with respect to class, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, immigration status, faith, cultural capital, skin colour, and individual  characteristics.


We advocate for continuous discussion about what it means to be black in the UK and the diversity of experience within this.


Intersectionality means looking at how these different markers of identity interact with and affect the experience of blackness.


The Black Policy Institute also offers a suite of actionable ideas that address intersectionalities within the professional and community sector.