Shaping Global Solutions: 166th Meeting of CPR

Written by Olajide Ojeniyi, Member of the Young People Advisory Board


I recently had the privilege of serving as a Delegate, representing The Children and Youth Major Group to UNEP, at the 166th Meeting of The Committee of Permanent Representatives (CPR), held in Nairobi, Kenya. This pivotal gathering brought together representatives from various countries to address critical issues on the international agenda.


As a Delegate representing the Children and Youth Major Group (CYMG), my primary focus was advocating for the perspectives and priorities of young people concerning global environmental challenges. I actively participated in discussions that highlighted the urgency of climate action and the crucial role of youth in achieving sustainable development.


The meeting agenda encompassed a broad range of topics, including:

  • UNEA-6 assessment and lessons learned: This session focused on evaluating the effectiveness of the recent United Nations Environment Assembly and identifying areas for improvement in future sessions.
  • Recommendations from the subcommittee meetings: Here, delegates discussed recommendations formulated during prior subcommittee meetings on various environmental issues.
  • Other Matters: This agenda item allowed for the discussion of emerging environmental concerns and proposals from different member states.


Beyond formal discussions, the CPR meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya provided a valuable platform for networking and collaboration with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. Engaging with representatives from other countries, particularly other members of the CYMG, broadened my understanding of global environmental challenges and fostered potential future collaboration


As a Delegate, I also played a significant role in note-taking throughout the event. While the specifics of the discussions may be confidential, I can share that my contributions focused on ensuring the perspectives of children and youth were accurately captured in the official records.


Overall, serving as a Delegate at the 166th Meeting of The Committee of Permanent Representatives was a rewarding and enriching experience. It allowed me to:


  • Contribute meaningfully to international dialogue on environmental issues.
  • Advocate for the rights and concerns of children and youth.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the complex challenges facing our planet.
  • Build relationships with colleagues from around the world and explore potential avenues for collaboration.


I believe that active youth participation is critical in shaping a more sustainable future. The CPR meeting provided a valuable platform for young people to engage in global conversations and contribute to solutions for the environmental challenges we face.