Our Services

Our Solution Principles

Breaking the Cycle


Many are concerned that the perceived advances since the ’80s have been eroded over the last 10 years.  We seek to create sustainable change.



Deeper conversations


We go beyond the surface and promote conversations that dig deeper into the role of race in corporate, professional and civic spaces.


The Black Policy Institute works with leaders and professionals under the guiding principle that the political is personal and the personal is political.



Race and Systemic Practice


Systemic thinking helps us look at the deep underlying structure of racism and inequality.  It also helps us appreciate the power dynamics found in language and identity labels. For example, where an individual may be oppressed in one instance and part of an oppressive group or norm in another instance.


Leadership guidance and support

Leadership engagement is a fundamental feature of change. We have developed a race equality leadership framework that considers the underlying structures that maintain racial inequity and explains how to achieve change within organisations.


Support for equalities leaders

Support is needed for those who have a formal equality and diversity leadership role, leaders of staff networks, and those who are asked to lead race discussions and task forces.

These professionals will require structured mentorship, training, good practice examples, and support to optimise their role in creating change.

Service Areas

These schools are principally online programmes supported with consultancy and coaching to embed good practice.

Racism operates at all levels and often plays itself out in politically demanding ways. It can be one of the most challenging areas of work, but absolutely necessary.

3 Programmes


Race & Civic Engagement School. To support civic engagement:What do I do now? How do I write to my MP? What can I expect from politicians? How do I take political action?


Race & Central and Local Government School. To support central and local government:What is our position? How do we continue to frame the issues in the public realm? How will today be different from yesteryear?


Race & the Corporation School.  We are guiding and supporting leadership and equality professionals in policy and practice development. To address questions like: How do I frame the conversation? Where does responsibility and accountability lie? How can I lay out a long-term strategy?  Where are the most appropriate resources?



The Black Policy Instituteprovides research and policy-based solutions for organisations and communities wanting to effect change.


Using our various models, we design and oversee research projects to develop policy and deliver policy-driven change.


These models include the socio-economic factors affecting black communities, lived experience and perspectives, and identifying levers for organisational, local and national change.

The Black Policy Institute currently provides strategic race equality consultancy advice to:


  • Senior government ministers
  • Councillors – Cabinet members and those with portfolios
  • Global charities
  • Banking and financial industries
  • Theological colleges
  • Senior HR personnel
  • Housing sector – governance teams
  • Schools – senior leadership teams


These address questions such as:


    • What are the fundamental drivers for change?
    • How do we cut through the plethora of perspectives to create dialogue and policy?
    • How do we frame our proposals to capture political attention?
    • How do we position ourselves as thought leaders and market shapers?
    • How do we best serve our clients ?
    • How to overcome resistance from senior leadership?
    • How to better engage African and Caribbean communities?

Training and Coaching


The Black Policy Institute provides training, coaching and mentors to help you achieve lasting change.


We understand that it is neither simple nor easy leading on and working towards racial equality—as an individual, or as leaders working within a corporate, community or civic agencies.


No-one is an island and senior leaders and race equality leads will need support to make sense of their changing landscapes, the drivers for

and against interventions and programmes of work, and to identify emerging allies.


The Black Policy Institute can make this work easier for you, by walking alongside you to make sense of this and identify strategic and more tactical approaches, help you build your allies, and maintain clarity of vision and focus.

We’ll also help you strengthen your soft skills, your emotional and social literacy, and your branding as a leader.